Neurosurgeon at BH - Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Brazil and Rookie Mobile App developer based in JS, C# and Xamarin.

My name is Eric Grossi Morato.

I recently started contributing to the wiki because of its important function of disseminating knowledge without any restriction, and I believe that we as citizens and especially myself , as a doctor, we have the ethical duty to show the truth in scientific subjects to improve community life in this planet.

I am available for questions and guidance related to Medicine, neurology, neurosurgery and neuroscience. we have made available to all a free digital library with 2000 books (ebooks) on Neurosurgery and Neurology. Share in medicine, save lives!

If a wiki editor need full free access to Neuroway free digital library in Mega please contact me

Specialist in: Cervical Spine Surgery, Lumbar Spine Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, CNS Surgery, Cerebral Vascular Surgery Emergency

Subjects with special interest: brain death, neurofibromatosis, neuro intensive care, cerebral aneurysm, cavernous hemangioma, brain tumours with an emphasis on glioma and meningioma