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Could you replace "\bbr\.geocities\.com\" with "\bbr\.geocities\.com" or better yet "\bbr\.geocities\.com\b"? The trailing slash shouldn't be there. The \b marks the beginning and/or end of a word. Thanks. --Erwin 09h49min de 18 de abril de 2009 (UTC)

Fixed your regexes. To note that you do not need to escape a forward slash, it is already undertaken by the process; explained at mw:Extension:SpamBlacklist Billinghurst (discussão) 23h44min de 2 de novembro de 2019 (UTC)


Please check the following entries:


Regards, SBLCheck by Achim55 (discussão) 16h14min de 8 de fevereiro de 2020 (UTC)

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