Joseph Addison: diferenças entre revisões

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:- ''Colors speak all languages.''
:- ''"The Spectator", n. 416, 27 de junho de 1712; "The Works of Joseph Addison: Complete in Three Volumes : Embracing the Whole of the "Spectator," "&c; Por Joseph Addison; Publicado por Harper & Brothers, 1837 []''
*"A [[natureza]] delicia-se na comida mais simples. Todos os animais, exceto o [[homem]], comem um só prato.
::- ''Nature delights in the most plain and simple diet. Every animal but man keeps to one dish.
:::- ''The Spectator, with illustrative notes: to which are prefixed, the lives of authors : comprehending, Addison, Steele, Parnell, Hughes, Buegel, Eusden, Tickell, and Pope : with critical remarks about their writings, Volume 3, [ Página 343], [[Joseph Addison]], Sir Richard Steele - Printed for H.D. Symonds, T. Hurst, J. Walker, J. Scatcherd, A. and J. Black and H. Parry, Vernor and Hood, R. Lea, E. Lloyd, Otridge and Son, J Cuthell, Jordan Hookham, W. Miller, S. Bagster, R. Ryan, and R.H. Westley, 1794