Anne Sophie Soymonof

Anne Sophie Soymonof, conhecida como Madame Swetchine ( 1782 - 1857 ), escritora russa, que morou na França..

Madame Swetchine
Anne Sophie Soymonof
Anne Sophie Soymonof
Anne Sophie Soymonof em outros projetos:

- L'esprit porte les couleurs de l'âme
- Madame Swetchine: sa vie et ses oeuvres‎ - vol. 2, Página 11, de Anne-Sophie Swetchine, Alfred Frédéric Pierre de Falloux, Swetchine (Anne-Sophie), Alfred Pierre Frédéric de Falloux du Coudray Falloux - publicado por Didier, 1865
- In the opinion of the world, marriage ends all; as it does in a comedy. The truth is precisely the reverse. It begins all.
- Thoughts, LXVIII in: The writings of Madame Swetchine - Página 69, Swetchine (Anne-Sophie, Madame), Alfred-Frédéric-Pierre Falloux du Coudray (comte de) - Catholic Publication Society, 1869 - 255 páginas

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